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Let's face it - building and maintaining a Linux distribution is not a trivial task. Many different aspects of the operating system stack need to be taken into consideration. Why do it then? There are many reasons where a standard Linux distribution won't cut it: footprint, CPU support, memory management, to name a few. The Yocto Project combines the flexibility of rolling your own Linux distribution with blueprints for fully functional Linux systems which get you started quickly. Once you are ready to customize and extend to make it meet the requirements of your device or application, the book provides you with the necessary information, tools and examples. This companion website complements the text downloadable code used by the book's examples, with tips and tricks, updates and more. Building a custom Linux distribution is still hard - but it's just gotten a lot more fun!


The Yocto Project

Don't be mislead: The Yocto Project is not an embedded Linux distribution - it creates a custom one for you!

Built on the OpenEmbedded buils system, the Yocto Project is an open source collaboration project that provides templates, tools and methods to help you create your own custom Linux-based system for embedded products regardless of hardware architecture. But it's not limited to embedded systems - you can create desktop and server Linux operating system stacks with it too. That makes it the ideal end-to-end tool for the Internet of Everything.


The Book

Intended as a companion to the official Yocto Project documentation, the book starts by offering a solid grounding in the embedded Linux landscape and the challenges of creating custom Linux distributions for embedded systems. You'll master the Yocto Project's toolbox hands-on, by working through the entire development lifecycle with a variety or real-life examples that you can incorporate into your own projects.

The book has been published by Pearson Education in the Prentice Hall Open Source Software Development Series:

ISBN-13: 978-0133443240

ISBN-10: 0133443248

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The Author

Rudolf Streif has more than twenty years of experience in software engineering, first as a developer and, later, as a manager leading large, cross-functional engineering teams.

As the Linux Foundation's Director of Embedded Solutions, he coordinated the Foundation's efforts for Linux in embedded systems. He developed the Linux Foundation's training course on the Yocto Project and has delivered it multiple times, both at companies and in a crash-course variant during Linux Foundation Events.

Rudolf Streif currently is a consultant for open-source technologies and Linux in embedded and Internet of Things (IoT). His clients include government entities as well as companies in various industries such as automotive, networking and connectivity.

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